Cyber Security

Security bundles to keep your data secure, your insurance affordable, and your finance manager happy.
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Security matters.

Security should be a part of each conversation and project, not as an obstacle but rather a guardrail to allow the business to move faster.

Why it matters.

With security threats increasing, it is now table stakes to have the right solutions to protect your organization. In addition, if certain protections are not put in place, insurance carriers have already begun raising premiums to mitigate risk, and this will continue for the foreseeable future as these cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and get more sophisticated.

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What we're doing about it.

After working with multiple insurance carriers over the last 12 months, we have identified the solutions that meet the proper framework to cover an organization's security needs and meet cyber insurance reviews.

As part of this security stack, the solutions we are suggesting are the exact solutions and safeguards that many of the Fortune 500 are deploying today to protect their distributed workforces.

They include:

Kaseya vsa

Kaseya VSA with Software Management

Use Kaseya VSA to monitor workstation/server utilization and performance, centrally track and report system events, deploy windows and third-party security updates/patches, and centrally deploy and monitor software deployments and track asset changes.

Intercept x

Sophos Endpoint with Intercept X / XDR

Sophos Intercept X significantly reduces the ability of Ransomware to encrypt data and allows us to stop an attack in action and roll back changes from a previous state prior to infection.


Sophos Endpoint Encryption

Sophos Central Device Encryption leverages Windows BitLocker and macOS FileVault to secure devices and data.

Cisco umbrella

Cisco Umbrella

Current RMM agents have web filtering protection capabilities, but they are limited to only PCs and do not protect other internal network devices. The Umbrella agent gets deployed on each workstation/server, and network devices are configured to use the Cisco cloud for name resolution, allowing protection for network devices that cannot be protected via agents. Umbrella also will enable you to prevent access to malicious sites that malware utilizes to deploy and monitor infections. Additionally, if a device is compromised, it helps you identify that device based on its outbound communication back to the infection source.


Avanan Complete Malware

By scanning your entire cloud environment—every message, every file, every application—for malware, Avanan ensures that destructive zero-day malware attacks never enter your ecosystem. This means services like Email, SharePoint, OneDrive, Slack, and Teams are fully protected. It inspects all files, cleans, and removes any risky active content, remakes the file so that it is threat-free, and does so instantly. It's a way to know that the file a user is opening, forwarding, or sending will be safe.


KnowBe4 Diamond with PhishER

Regardless of how many safeguards are put in place, the end-users are the last line of defense. KnowBe4 trains and tests employees using the most current real-world scenarios as part of an ongoing program, enabling organizations to build strong human shields against cybercrime.


Kaseya Spanning O365 Backup

Under normal circumstances, it is unlikely you will ever need any sort of backup for O365, until you do. Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 supplies organizations with reliable backup and recovery for their Microsoft 365, from Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams.

Get more, pay less

As part of the rollout, the bundled cost is a 40% savings versus provisioning these solutions individually.