Telecom Expense Management

Digitize Telecom Expenses

Managing your telecom expenses can help illuminate big savings opportunities, but vendors work hard to keep you in the dark. Turn the lights on with Genuity.

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Manage usage, expenses, network assets and services across all vendors.

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Gain visibility, control and insights to discover potential saving opportunities.

Track your telecom by location, service type, and by feature (like DID or IP address). Even customize your tracking to account for MPLS, SD-WAN, and major cloud-connections.

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Clarity & Visibility

See exactly what you're getting and how much you're paying.

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Actionable Insights

Compare your rates with thousands of other users to benchmark spend.

Integrate everything for a comprehensive cost analysis.

Telecom, SaaS, vendors, services, and contracts—they're all tied together on the platform. Have a telecom contract expiring soon? We'll keep you aware of your provider lifecycle to save you from excess fees.

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Expense Optimization

Automatically detect unexpected changes, identify and consolidate and negotiate better contracts.

Cost Management, Automated

Automate data imports and cost allocations to gain accuracy.

Document what’s in place, get competitive bids for infrastructure at the right time and when you need to add services.

Understand & DocumentUnderstand & Document

Transparency and one system of record.

Plan Efficiently & AccuratelyPlan Efficiently & Accurately

Save, upgrade, and make changes when ready.

Optimize Cost & InvestmentOptimize Cost & Investment

The power of community-driven pricing for price optimization.

Transform your BusinessTransform your Business

Authenticate your pricing and operating model via our marketplace.

tech is critical

We built Genuity to level the playing field.

IT can be a complicated, confusing, and expensive black-box. We built Genuity to break open the box and level the playing field for businesses of all sizes. We empower businesses to make informed decisions about the technology behind their most critical operations.