About Genuity

Empowering Businesses

Genuity is on a mission to level the playing field by democratizing information, making IT less resource intensive, and giving your company more time (and money) to focus on innovation and growth.
What We Believe

Our goal is to help people better navigate today's ever evolving technological landscape. We want to give businesses the resources they need to make informed decisions about how they manage and purchase technology.

We want to deconstruct the black box of IT and empower businesses that otherwise have the odds stacked against them.

pushing visibiliyuPushing Visibility
promoting honestyPromoting Honesty
knowledge is powerKnowledge is Power
democratizing informationDemocratizing Information
working together
Conceived by IT pros, built by innovators, and improved together.

Genuity came about as a reaction to the predatory practices in the IT Market. We wanted to develop an independent, unbiased, and objective information source — no marketing fluff, just the facts.

We knew that if businesses could share their data and purchasing power with one another, they could all make better decisions. By working together vastly more can be learned and achieved than alone. Businesses are stronger together.

We don't believe in hidden auto-renew clauses, complex cancelation terms, hidden surcharges, or any other unnecessary costs that make operating more difficult while adding zero value to a business. With the help of IT pros and businesses just like yours, we are building a network of transparency. No gotchas and no gimmicks—a network that grows stronger together, treats everyone fairly, and puts business interests first. As each new business joins the movement, every members' analytics and buying power gets stronger. When businesses connect, everyone wins, and the services, technology, and network keep growing.

This is what happens when technologists, businesses, and entrepreneurs get together to change the status quo—a new logic.

On the business side, the IT market is broken.

“All contractual terms were followed and they still tried to collect $10,000.”

When it takes the former founder and CEO of two major telecom carriers more than six months of calls and emails to cancel a telecom plan for a friend's company- something's wrong.

“Businesses shouldn't be put in a position where they're afraid of leaving.”

We regularly encountered clients that were trapped by channel partnerships, locked into contracts by tricky autorenew clauses, and completely unaware that they were being taken advantage of.

Meet the Team
Colum Donahue image

Colum Donahue

Serial entrepreneur with a history of building successful companies. Founder of Globalnet International and Visseo, Inc., Pioneers in VoIP technology.

Jason Noble image

Jason Noble

Former IT specialist in the US Navy. Founder of Stratum Networks. Focused on customer value and driving IT strategies for businesses.

Robert Lasch image
Platform PM/Developer

Robert Lasch

Alan Salganik image
UI & UX/Developer

Alan Salganik

Bilal Iqbal image

Bilal Iqbal

Sam Thornton image
UI & UX/Developer

Sam Thornton

Steve Austin image
Senior Account Manager

Steve Austin

David Krawczyk image
Senior Account Manager

David Krawczyk

Rob Dymurski image
IT Professional

Rob Dymurski

Dan Armstrong image
IT Professional

Dan Armstrong

Todd Slembarski image
IT Professional

Todd Slembarski

Jake Lampe image
IT Professional

Jake Lampe

Al Bravo image
IT Professional

Al Bravo

Billy Cabrales image

Billy Cabrales

Todd Matthews image

Todd Matthews

Pere Valles image

Pere Valles

Greg Bertsch image

Greg Bertsch

Steven Tazic image

Steven Tazic